Activating the energetic channels and self healing

    Acupressure Treatment Principles

    Acupressure treatment uses the same principles of activating the energetic channels and self healing in the body as acupuncture, but without the use of needles. Acupressure treatment is great for in between the acupuncture sessions and a useful tool for self care at home when you cannot attend the sessions of acupuncture in person.

    Acupressure is based on stimulating various acupressure points on the body depending on individual signs and symptoms. Acupressure hand points are especially useful as they are easy to locate and use.


    It is important to understand that acupressure treatment is NOT an alternative to acupuncture, but a stand-alone treatment option that is useful for mild symptoms and for general health maintenance. Acupressure treatment can also be used preventatively to boost the immune system, reduce mild and non-chronic pain and to improve sleep.


    At Acumedicare you will be fully instructed how to use acupressure at home, online or in person so that rest assured you can experience full benefits of this useful self care therapy. Acupressure hand points, points on the face and head are very often used and are easy to find and easy to apply.

    You will be given clear instructions how to facilitate acupressure treatment self care based on the principles of acupressure points energetics at various parts of the body that you can easily reach.

    You will also be taught their benefits of acupressure as a therapy and frequency of acupressure treatment required based on your individual constitution determined in an consultation and diagnosed using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) assessment.

    Acupressure can be useful support in many health issues and by stimulating acupressure points, many are resolved quickly and efficiently:

    • headaches
    • poor sleep
    • extreme reaction to stress
    • anxiety
    • overthinking
    • digestive problems
    • cough
    • sore throat
    • shoulder and back pain
    • nausea and vomiting in pregnancy
    • labour support

    and many more.

    Acupressure hand points are especially popular, as they are easy to reach and convenient for everyday use. Whether you use it as a supporting or main treatment when you cannot get to your practitioner, acupressure treatment is an excellent complementary medicine tool.

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