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    If you are planning a family and want to ensure you are in best possible shape to achieve your dream, Acumedicare, offers a comprehensive, bespoke fertility acupuncture treatments wherever on your fertility journey you are. Acupuncture for fertility in London is offered both in person and online consultations leading to fertility treatments in person.

    With 13 years of experience in the field of complementary reproductive medicine, and with ongoing experience in working within conventional medical institutions, you are best cared for with fertility acupuncture Acumedicare plan Fertility Focus. Acupuncture for fertility in London, in person, and online, through acupressure treatments that you can learn to use at home as an extra support, is always available.

    At Acumedicare fertility treatment for men, women and couples work well on their own and currently incorporated in conventional medical structures in London UK, Thessaloniki, Greece, Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia.

    How does it work?

    When you start your fertility journey, whether naturally or through the Assisted Conception Therapies (ART), such as IVF, the most important part is the preparation. Getting your health to it’s full potential is a process and requires a very thorough look into all aspects of your health and lifestyle.

    You may wonder – does fertility acupuncture work? Is fertility acupuncture for men a viable option? Where to have best acupuncture for fertility in London? What is cupping treatment? What is moxibustion therapy? You are in a right place to have all your questions related to TCM acupuncture for fertility answered.

    Acumedicare is devised as a one stop health program to give you the best possible chances of conception, and see you through your pregnancy, birth and beyond. Whether you are looking for fertility acupuncture for men or women, Acumedicare fertility treatments are tailor made for your specific requirements.

    Acupuncture and moxibustion are main therapeutic methods, proven both in research and clinical practice as successful as individual and/or complementary medicine models in fertility care.

    Fertility treatments main points of influence are:

    Regulation of menstrual cycle

    • essential to determine your most fertile days during your cycle.

    Fertility acupuncture is helpful in all cases of menstrual problems-painful periods, cramping, abdominal/low back pain, heavy menstrual flow, and/or irregular periods.

    Ovulation and improving the egg quality

    • regular and ongoing treatment for several months prior to conception is usually needed, and with the help of Chinese medicine Food Energetics that is routinely included in your conception planning at Acumedicare.

    Regulation of hormonal balance

    • PMS, headaches, bloating, breast tenderness, difficult bowel movements, loose stools, severe emotional reactions pre and during period.

    Acupuncture for fertility addresses all those issues.

    Stress reduction

    • regulating sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems and balancing out the production of the adrenalin and cortisol with the endorphins, the feeling good hormones. Acupuncture for fertility is proven to provide a hreat support in getting you to greatly lower or eliminate altogether your stress levels.
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    IVF SUPPORT - Does fertility acupuncture work?

    Fertility acupuncture treatments regulate fertility hormone levels including follicle stimulating, FSH and luteinising hormone, LH and improves the function of hypothalamic pituitary-ovarian axis since they can be seriously disbalanced due to increased stressed levels often associated with undergoing IVF.

    It helps during the long protocol IVF cycle (down-regulation phase) decreasing the side effects of the medication, reducing menopause like symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, headaches and fatigue.

    During the up regulation, acupuncture may improve the number and quality of eggs prior to egg retrieval, improving chances successful formation of healthy embryos.

    Acupuncture is well known for the pain modulation effect, thus important to use following the egg collection, reducing the discomfort and pain following the procedure. Both acupuncture and moxibustion stimulate quicker recovery important to prepare in good time for embryo transfer.

    At embryo transfer, acupuncture treatment should be administered as close to before and as soon as possible after the transfer to encourage embryo implantation.

    Fertility acupuncture treatment for men works well, too, as it helps with lowering of the scrotal temperature, improves circulation and may improve the quality, motility and morphology of the sperm, thus improving chances of good quality embryo formation.

    No matter what fertility treatments you are having, acupuncture for fertility boosts your chances of healthy and trouble-free pregnancy. If you are still in doubt does fertility acupuncture work, please get in touch for more information and to book a FREE initial consultation online.

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