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ACUMEDICARE combines the science of Chinese Medicine acupuncture with the art of balanced lifestyle for all acute and chronic health issues of modern men.


Acupuncture improves your body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process by stimulating specific anatomic sites on the body, known as acupoints, restoring it's natural homeostasis. According to traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine, our health depends on the body’s motivating energy -qi- moving in a smooth and balanced way through numerous channels beneath the skin. The flow of qi can be disturbed by any number of factors such as emotions - anxiety, anger, or grief - poor nutrition, hereditary factors, infections, and trauma. When the qi is unbalanced, illness may occur. Good health is not just an absence of pain or disease, it is a balanced state of body, mind and spirit. Health is a result of a harmonious balance of the complementary extremes of yin and yang of the life force known as Qi (pronounced "chi") . Qi is said to flow through channels (pathways) in the human body and that pain, acute and chronic health issues are the consequence of an imbalance of these forces. Your treatment is aimed at the root of your condition, as well as your symptoms. This approach leads to a more permanent resolution of your health concerns. When needles are inserted into carefully chosen acu points for your constitution, it is said that the energy flow can be brought back into proper balance, addressing both the cause of the imbalance and relieving the health symptoms you are experiencing. Acupuncture is a tried and tested system of complementary medicine and is widely used and accepted all over the world and the UK. Today more and more people are finding this long established medicine model offers an effective solution to many acute and chronic health concerns.

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Food for thought-Lifestyle Longevity

Prevention is better than cure-and preserving our healthy lifestyle habits are no different. It is all about balance of good foods, tailor made exercise and appropriate expression of emotions, to start with.

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Gordana Petrovic

Founder Acupuncture Specialist

    Iva V.

    Gordana is an exceptional acupuncturist! She has a natural diagnostic mind, and a magic touch, which together mean I wouldn't go anywhere else for acupuncture. I had a range of problems before her treatments, and at each session I would go in half a person and come out whole. A true magician-I highly recommend Gordana!

    Kathryn D.

    Absolutely wonderful, acupuncturist, curer of all things, great listener and fabulous advice! Could not recommend highly enough!

    Zori and Bernard W.

    We warmly recommend Gordana as an acupuncturist. She is an expert in her field, knowledgable, and with caring patient approach. We have beautiful and healthy little girl thanks to her excellence.

    Vicki D.

    I have been having regular acupuncture sessions with Gordana for a few months now after years of infertility. I can now report that i am indeed pregnant. I truly believe that Gordana's expertise and her magic needles made this possible for both my partner and I. I now see Gordana to ensure baby stays where it is meant to and to alleviate morning sickness. I have every faith in Gordana hence why I have recommended her to friends and family (who are also very impressed!).

    Eirlys and Andy B.

    Gordana has provided us with invaluable support – physically and emotionally - through one of the most challenging times in our lives Over the last two years, my husband and I have had regular acupuncture with Gordana. She has provided us with invaluable support – physically and emotionally - through one of the most challenging times in our lives. As well as wonderful acupuncture, she listens and gives useful, informed and down-to-earth advice. Thanks to her expert care and reassurance, we have come through three rounds of failed IVF and are now enjoying a very happy and healthy natural pregnancy. We always feel so much better about everything after a session with Gordana and we will be eternally grateful to have found her.