Boost Your Overall Health

Practical Mindfulness

Let’s say you decided to have a good, thorough look into your health, perhaps to resolve a certain health problem, or condition. Or you are thinking of starting a family, and want to improve your chances of a healthy and easy going pregnancy. You might be on an assisted conception route, and need to have support every step of your journey to maximise the desired outcome.

Acumedicare is devised with all of this and more in mind. Assessment of your well being and lifestyle is where we begin.

How Does It Work?

Being an authentically patient-centred plan, putting you and your individual characteristics first, Acumedicare covers all the above, and much more.

We look into and work out:

  • How do you approach life and what is your usual response to stress
  • How do you sleep
  • What are your ways of relaxing on an average day
  • Your exercise, physical and mental, if any
  • Your diet and propensity (if any) to certain foods
  • Techniques of Practical Mindfulness to support you if and when needed
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