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Acupuncture in London rooted in authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 

Acupuncture is an amazing medicine model and it can benefit your health in many different ways. According to traditional Chinese philosophy and medicine, our health depends on the body’s motivating energy -qi- moving in a smooth and balanced way through numerous channels beneath the skin.

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The flow of Qi can be disturbed by any number of factors such as emotions – anxiety, anger, or grief – as well as poor nutrition, hereditary factors, infections, and trauma. When the Qi is unbalanced, illness may occur.


When your energetics are out of balance, you may experience pain, poor appetite and scattered sleep. Allergies, autoimmune conditions, menstrual cycles disturbances and infertility, are all signs of your system needing fine-tuning. 

Try acupuncture – I am here today because I tried it a long time ago, and now I feel privileged to be able to help you.

Good health is not just an absence of pain or disease, it is a balanced state of body, mind and soul. Therefore, I work with you as a unique individual to focus on bringing you to your very best health by addressing your issues from all angles.


Treatment is aimed at the root of your condition, as well as your symptoms. This approach leads to a more permanent resolution of your health concerns.

The Process
How often should you have acupuncture?
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What can acupuncture treat?
Is there anything I should do to prepare for my acupuncture session?
Should my doctor know about my acupuncture treatments?

How do I work?

Acumedicare was founded 13 years ago providing treatments of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture in London that later developed into an unique holistic healthcare program.

Acupuncture in London is very wide spread, but Acumedicare was set to provide comprehensive healthcare system incorporating several different Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies in one. Soon after what started just as service of therapeutic acupuncture in London, it developed as program used both in London and abroad.

Traditional Chinese Medicine places you as a uniques individual at the centre of treatment. So whether you decide to attend your personal one to one sessions of acupuncture in London, online consultations regarding your fertility or have any other Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy, Acumedicare covers all aspects of your healthcare in a holistic and tailor made program.

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