TCM Nutrition


Nutrition as we know it in the Western society, focuses on the analytical and quantitative food categorisations, based on material food components: vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and trace elements.

Oriental view is based on the holistic interchangeability concept of Yin and Yang qualities and illustrates how thermal nature and flavours of foods work in the body.

Furthermore, this holistic nature of this medicinal concept allows for many different combinations and fine tuning the food energetics to individual needs.

Being healthy does not mean the absence of the disease. Often in clinical practice we learn that symptoms such as short and interrupted sleep, loose stools and sweet foods cravings are not something our patients consider a symptom. Low energy levels and fatigue, especially in patients on the fertility journey, are very common, yet not considered a significant symptom. This is why we place a paramount importance on the way the diet plan is devised, and followed through, with specific details and recipes for each and every individual.

Chinese food therapy is a common sense diet. It re – connects you to the somewhat forgotten cyclical processes in nature and awakens you to eating simply prepared, wholesome foods, that is always suggested according to your personal constitution. It works well alongside any medication you might be taking, or supplements you are taking.

If you are on a natural or assisted conception journey, this is a MAJOR contributing factor to your desired outcome, and it gives you an opportunity to be in charge where you may feel this has been taken away from you. Sleeping well, having lots of energy, and having a robust immune system will confirm you are well on your way.