Gordana Petrovic BScTCM RSM MAcS founded Acumedicare back in 2008 with intention to provide information, advice and practical application of authentic Chinese Medicine acupuncture and associated techniques to improve lifestyle, overall health and wellbeing for all. Through both professional and personal life experience, she noticed that many health complications are often not rooted in only one source, and that chronic issues demand comprehensive assessment and facilitating different methods to achieve the best, and the most long lasting, results. Therefore, Acumedicare was founded, a method of combining acupuncture, TCM Nutrition Food Energetics and lifestyle advice, allowing Gordana to combine her experience and knowledge of Chinese Medicine and her training and existential psychotherapy experience for comprehensive, holistic healthcare.

Gordana works extensively with patients presenting with conditions related to all chronic issues in internal medicine, and treatments are always with the focus on each unique person and their constitution, not just their symptoms, allowing for a huge scope of this complementary, holistic medicine model. Through associations with conventional medicine medical teams, among which her partners Embryoclinic, Gordana developed speciality in reproductive medicine and fertility and is passionate about supporting natural conception and pregnancy through the science of Chinese medicine acupuncture and related therapies, as well as providing pre and post natal care for her mums-to-be.

With extensive clinical experience of over ten years and writing and lecturing for over twenty, Gordana helps her patients achieve their best health with second-to-none care and with a very high success rate. Backed up by the team of conventional medical specialists for advice on complex medical issues of her patients, Gordana is able to ensure that her patients have access to best of both worlds of conventional and complementary medicines through this partnership, should their case history so require.

Passionate writer since primary school, Gordana has a regular blog about all things related to health, common sense medicine and working together for the benefit of every patient, and guest blogs for Doctify, My Fertility Specialist, IVF Babble online magazine and on a panel of experts on Happiful magazine launched in April this year. She is also a contributor to a book on use of acupuncture in pregnancy for The Happy Birth Club ante natal group, published in April 2017, topping the Amazon charts as no.1 bestseller before it was officially in sales.

Acumedicare is present both nationally and internationally: in London, based in Ealing, West London and Central London district of Harley Street; at IVF unit Embryoclinic, Thessaloniki, Greece and AcumedicareSRB in Belgrade, Serbia.