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We need to talk about fertility

Upon returning from another Alphazita fertility retreat in Greece, where we all were once more reminded about the importance of holistic, comprehensive fertility care, we confirmed the value of a patient centered approach in the sensitive subject of fertility, and issues with infertility. What can we do as a society to raise an awareness of this global, ever rising problem.

How do we approach the subject of fertility with our friends, family, patients? Why is it so difficult to find the “right words”? What are those “right words” anywayas “right” is so different for different people? Remember, it is not only about doctors, practitioners, therapists finding/speaking/sharing the right words, it is about the other person, and their feelings, no matter what they are. And no matter who we are.

The focus must always be on that person, we are there to be with them, hold the space and stand with them, if they are about to fall, to catch them. And if we are blessed to be having the knowledge and experience of one or more medical practices that can further be of service, so much the better. But it always starts with compassion and basic love and need to help another. End of.