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For the second time this year, Gordana Petrović from Acumedicare joins Alphazita team at the holistic fertility retreat in beautiful SanResort in Halkidiki, Greece, from 11th to 13th October 2018.

Alphazita is an exciting new venture offering a unique program of care to all those on fertility journey, whether looking to conceive naturally or through any of the Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART).

This pioneering concept aims to inform, educate and, most importantly, emphasise the great value of a team work of medical specialists and complementary medicine practitioners. Alphazita team offer patient centred, bespoke treatment plans to suit individual health needs of all planning to start a family.

Based on the evidence that has been available thus far as to the relevance of therapeutic methods used, Alphazita team offer full medical support of highly experienced gynaecologists, specialising in fertility medicine and IVF and embryologists; fertility acupuncture, nutrition, fertility massage and fertility coaching.

Considering the complexities and challenges individuals and couples are facing when issues with their fertility health arise, a true holistic approach Alphazita stands for, is very important as it offers the best of conventional and complementary medicines and practices. The value of good quality, evidence based information, proven techniques of supporting fertility health and conception in general are invaluable to the patient looking to improve their chances of starting a family.

The forthcoming Alphazita retreat will once more be a hub of all relevant information, support and care for all en route to family in a beautiful, luxurious, relaxing setting of the Mediterranean.

Gordana is honoured to be Alphazita’s acupuncturist-in-residence, providing highly specialised fertillty care based on the best practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture adapted in a unique Acumedicare method for the modern fertility issues.