Welcome to acumedicare

Welcome to Acumedicare, offering you a unique health concept of combining the best of authtentic Chinese medicine acupuncture and nutrition to promote your health and wellbeing naturally and holistically.

What the patients say

'Absolutely wonderful, acupuncturist, curer of all things, great listener and fabulous advice. Could not recommend highly enough!' K.D.

'Wonderful person, dedicated to her profession. Very personable and extremely proficient. Would recommend Gordana to anyone.' A.R.

my approach to your health

  • Quite simply, your health and how to maintain or improve it is my passion. Benefits of acupuncture are endless and I use acupuncture and nutrition by TCM principles to help you achieve best possible health. Assessment and treatments are personilised to your constitution and offered as an individual health plan. I practice from clinics in West London and London Waterloo. Feel free to get in touch and ask questions, most of my patients still do, and I will be delighted to answer and share the benefits of this fantastic medicine model.

    Please call 07548 383 951 or contact us here for more information and to book your consultation and treatment.

How Acupuncture can help You

  • Assisting you on your fertility journey

    Time to start a family, but it takes longer than you planned? Or you decided that the assisted conception is your route due to previous medical condition? Acupuncture has been used for many years as a alternative fertility therapy on its own and is also your therapy of choice as a complementary therapy to the IVF and other assisted conception techniques. I will help you every step of the way to understand challenges of conception, what you can do and how we can work together to make you a family.

  • Ensure you have a healthy, symptom free pregnancy

    Pelvic pain, morning sickness, back pain, headaches? My unique method of acupuncture and nutrition treatment helps you enjoy healthy, symptom free pregnancy so rest assured you will be in your best health while expecting the arrival of your baby. This is the most advanced pregnancy and pre and post natal care based on authentic Chinese acupuncture adjusted to the needs of a modern mother and supported by research that confirms acupuncture efficacy.

nutrition and chinese food energetics

Eat yourself healthy Chinese Medicine way

It is increasingly difficult to discern today what exactly does it mean to eat healthily. How much and how often, raw food, or cooked, what proportions of what foods at what time. Paleo, Atkins, Vegan, or Juicing?

Chinese medicine food energetics diet might be just the answer, as it is easy to follow and devised according to your constitution - you as a unique individual. You will find that this easy to follow dietary concept is easily adjusted to your lifestyle and will notice improvement in your energy levels, digestion and sleep very quickly.

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